The Blues Cafe

16 Chimney Swift Road

Sandy Hook CT 06482


$20 Per person

Deal package $35 for two events

NOTE: Food Donations for The Bible Church Food Bank are appreciated!

2 Responses to About

  1. Guido Spumoni says:

    you guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!especially the house band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Greetings,

    Jean Syria and I are the promoters of the Wachusett Music Series and The Wachusett Valley Folk Festival here in Lancaster, Massachusetts. At our festival this year we had the privilege of having Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli perform at our festival.

    Lori and Fred became an amazing WOW at the festival. Many of the folks that attended loved their music and wanted more. We are bringing them back at our 2011 festival at the Wachusett Village Inn in Westminster, MA.

    We feel that her voice is one to be heard and her music feeds the soul.


    If you would be interested in booking Lori and Fred please contact me
    at either deehurley@hotmail.com or 978-365-2043.

    Jean Syria and Denise Hurley
    Sounds of Wachusett Bookings
    Wachusett Music Series
    Wachusett Valley Folk Festival
    P.O. Box 245
    Lancaster, MA


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